Spacious Office Pantry Tips

Spacious Office Pantry Tips

Aside from impressing customers and attracting clients, one great way to have a successful business is when your employees are satisfied and content. The office must be a work conducive environment. Tools and equipment needed for the job must be complete and as much as possible, employees should be comfortable. When you have a lunch area in your office, it would be great if you had a spacious office pantry.

One of the biggest obstacles to having a successful office space in the interior of a home is not having enough natural light. If you have a dark workspace this can be difficult to have a productive office environment. That is why ample lighting is critical for any good office. Wayne’s Solar provides natural lighting solutions for any home or commercial office with their sun tunnels. These solar products are very nice as they allow natural lighting to enter the interior space, turning a dark room into a brilliant work environment.

However, not all offices have all the space they want and need. Some areas have to suffer such as the pantry. After all, not all employees have breaks or lunch in the office. For some companies where employees always have lunch in the office, a small pantry would mean having to take turns for breaks. This would also mean that employees would have less time to bond with each other, have a little fun during a stressful workday or at least be comfortable and convenient when having a meal. 

So if you want to have a spacious office pantry, consider these tips below:

1. Consider bar stools and countertops – Instead of having so many tables and chairs all around, you can take advantage of wall space by adding countertops that can also serve as tables for those who are having meals. Bar stools would be necessary too and they’re less bulky compared to full-sized chairs. 

2. Floating shelves for storage – One of the best tips you can get on how to increase kitchen storage space would be installing floating shelves as these do not take up floor space. 

3. Shelf organizers – Whether or not you provide food and snacks for your employees, it would still be better to have shelf organizers to keep all items in the office pantry in order and easy to find. 

4. Bright lights and light-colored paint – White paint or anything with light shade can help give the illusion that the area is spacious. Bright lights help a lot too. This would be a great idea to make a spacious office pantry. 

While it would be best to get ideas from a professional designer, you can also look for ideas on your own by doing a little research online. In fact, if you go on Pinterest or Google, there would already be a ton of great ideas you can find about how to increase the space in your office pantry.