How To Make Floating Kitchen Shelves

diy floating shelves

Floating shelves are big space savers. They can keep stuff away from the countertop while keeping the items easily accessible. Having a floating kitchen shelf is a beautiful idea. And in case you are planning to have it built by yourself, here is a short guide to help you make your floating shelve.

Things that you will need:

  1. Pinewood or any other limber of your choice.  
  2. Tape Measure
  3. Wood Glue
  4. Finish Nailer
  5. Wood Stain
  6. Mounting brackets
  7. Wood filler
  8. Stud Finder
  9. Miter Saw

Getting started:

Using the measuring tape, measure the size of the shelf. Measure the space on the wall in terms of length and width of the shelf. Cut the wood in the desired size of the rack. For the front and side of the shelf, cut the wood at a 45-degree angle. For instance, cut a 3ft long wood on a 45-degree angle where the front and side pieces meet.

Once all the pieces of wood are cut, start putting together the shelf by applying wood glue and using a finish nailer. Put a small bead of glue everywhere two portions of wood meet. Nail the front of the rack; make sure not to overdo it. Repeat the wood glue and nailer application for putting together the entire shelf.

Now, attach the bottom of the shelf on the top of the spacer using wood glue. When the wood is in the place, nail the spacer with the front and side of the rack. The shelf is now ready to hang. The back of the cupboard will have a gap between the top and bottom; this is where the bracket rods will slide in. You can buy the brackets from a local retailer and hang it on the wall with the nailer.

Place the brackets, and you are ready to hang the newly built shelf. The best thing about the floating shelf is that you can remove it any time without having to drill the wall.

If you prefer visual instructions, you can check out this YouTube video we found that shows you exactly how to build DIY floating shelves easily. 

Whether you’re thinking of ways of how to increase kitchen storage space or anywhere else in your home, DIY floating shelves would help greatly. You can even use these as decorations for your living room or bedroom. When you’re unsure of how to build this on your own, you can buy ready-made floating shelves and just install them in your home. You can even get help from a local handyman. 

Anytime that you’re looking for ways on how to make your home more spacious, floating shelves would easily do the trick as it doesn’t require any floor space.